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IELTS Speaking topic Home – Vocab + Sample Answer

Chúng ta cùng tìm hiểu một số câu hỏi Speaking theo mỗi Part chủ đề Home, decoration home để thử tập trả lời, nâng cao kỹ năng của mình nhé.

Speaking part 1 Sample Home

What colour would you choose to paint the walls of your room?

Light hues make me feel cosy and tranquil; thus, I’d want to paint my walls light yellow or light green. Among those, I think bright blue is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing, which can soothe and refresh us after a long day.

tranquil /ˈtræŋkwɪl/ (adj): yên tĩnh

aesthetically /iːsˈθetɪkli/(adv): có tính thẩm mỹ

What colour would you never use in your home? 

Without a doubt, I am not fanatical about dark shades like black, brown, etc. Because in my opinion, homes tend to transmit unpleasant vibes while using certain hues. Second, that colour does not distribute light throughout your room, therefore my response is that I have never painted my room a dark tone.

fanatical /fəˈnætɪkl/ (adj): mê đắm, cuồng

transmit /trænzˈmɪt/ (v): truyền tải

distribute: /dɪˈstrɪbjuːt/ (v): phân phát

throughout /θruːˈaʊt/ (adv): khắp nơi, toàn bộ

Which room does your family spend most of the time in?

Actually, the living room is where my family and I spend most of our time together. We may take pleasure in the peaceful environment here. Since spending time as a family is vital to us, we constantly aim to make “family time” a part of every day.

take pleasure in: thích/ tận hưởng niềm vui

What do you like about your flat? 

I like that I am in the centre of the city my apartment location is in the centre of the city I don’t have to go too far for something, for example, I don’t have to travel long to the railway station or the airport I think I like about my flat is it’s very compact whenever I want to go out I just lock the main door, and that’s it, and my house is safe that’s what I like about my flat.

railway station /ˈreɪlweɪ steɪʃn/: trạm dừng xe lửa

compact /kəmˈpækt/ (adj): gọn nhẹ

What can you see from the windows where you live? 

Well, my room’s window allows me to see a lot of things. I watch people work out in the morning, birds soar over the sky, and the light looks lovely as it rises. The window also looks out into a little lake that is pretty near to my house, which is wonderful. The view is quite stunning, and there are many shrubs and flowers around!

stunning /ˈstʌnɪŋ/ (adj): kinh ngạc, cực kỳ hấp dẫn, ấn tượng

shrub /ʃrʌb/ (n): cây bụi

Do you prefer living in a house or a flat? 

Well, for me, I would definitely buy a house in the future. I’ve always been in favour of owning a home. Even if homes are more expensive, I prefer them since they are more convenient and provide me total flexibility. I detest the thought of utilising communal lifts and parking in apartment complexes.

in favour of (also in favor of): có thiện cảm với ai/cái gì; ủng hộ ai/cái gì

flexibility /ˌfleksəˈbɪləti/(n): tính mềm dẻo; tính linh hoạt

detest /diˈtest/ (v): ghét, rất ghét

utilize (v) /ˈjuːtəlaɪz/: sử dụng

-> utilising /ˈjuːtəlaɪzɪŋ/

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What would you like to change in your flat? 

Though I love my flat a lot the way it is if I have to say about something to be altered, I would like to change the colour of the painting which we did in our flat right now, which is just a plain cream colour. I want to make it attractive by giving some acrylic colours or bright colours as it will perfectly match our antique decorative items.

alter /ˈɔːltə(r)/ (v): thay đổi

attractive /əˈtræktɪv/ (adj): hấp dẫn

antique /ænˈtiːk/ (adj): cổ, đồ cổ

acrylic /əˈkrɪlɪk/ (adj): một loại vải/nhựa được sản xuất hóa học

minh họa chủ đề Home speaking

Speaking part 2 Sample

Describe something you liked very much which you bought for your home.

You should say:

What you bought

When and where you bought it

Why you chose this particular thing. And explain why you liked it so much

Roughly a year ago I went on a trip to Chicago for a conference. This was by no means a pleasure trip, but of course I set some time aside to go shopping for some souvenirs and things I needed back in Vietnam. I decided to go to a place called T.J. Maxx, which is a sort of outlet store combined with flea market structure. You never really know what you’re going to find when you walk through the front doors, but you know it will be a bargain. I browsed through the store and got basic things on my list but then came across two white ceramic salt shakers shaped like dinosaurs. It was love at first sight seeing a small T-rex and a Triceratops looking back at me from the counter, they were just begging to go home with me. You see, I love dinosaurs, I have since I was a little kid, I also adore kitschy things like this, and thought it would be the perfect addition to my growing pile of decorations at home. Unfortunately, only one survived extinction on the journey back home. It seems that the baggage handlers were too rough with my bags or I simply did not pack them securely enough, the Triceratops arrived broken in Hanoi, such a terrible loss. The T-rex now stands majestically in my dining table reigning supreme, and it’s a great conversation starter when I have people over for a meal or just to hang out at my place.

Useful Expressions

flea market (n) chợ trời

kitschy (adj) bóng bẩy, kiểu cách

majestic (adv) một cách huy hoàng, oai vệ

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minh họa chủ đề Home trong speaking

Part 3 Sample

1, Creating a nice home

Why do some people buy lots of things for their home?

I’ve never really thought about this, but it could be because we simply try to make our home as pleasant as it can be. After all, isn’t that the goal of a home? A place where we can relax and feel safe. So we decorate it in a way that makes us feel comfortable in it. We pick colors for it, we add patterns to it, we bring in smells, we keep adding to the space we have until we feel in control over it. You can also buy things with the goal of giving specific purpose to any spaces in your home, like say, creating an office, an exercise room, etc. And finally simply the act of holding onto memories can a fill a home with items too.

Do you think it is very expensive to make a home look nice?

I’m not a rich person, so it comes down to how much work I’m willing to put in and how creative and thrifty I can be as well. There are new trends in home decor that focus not only on making a space pretty, but also functional. Which means you can have a table that is also a storage space for example. That helps reduce costs by making things multipurpose. And I like crafting things, so I’m happy making things with my own hands that I can later use at home. Otherwise, if you have money to spare, I would think it’s as easy as pointing at what you want and showing your credit card.

Why don’t some people care about how their home looks?

I think everyone has their own style, and something like how a place looks can be extremely subjective. I could find a sofa extremely comfortable and lovely while you could take a look at it and feel it’s the ugliest thing you have ever seen, but I won’t care because the look wasn’t my primary concern when getting it. It could also be simply due to the hectic lives people live nowadays, sometimes there’s just not enough time to make organizing your home a priority. A home becomes just a place you sleep in, so how it looks doesn’t really matter as long as it gets the job done.

2, Different types of home

In what ways is living in a flat/apartment better than living in a house?

I have recently made the switch to living in an apartment after being in houses all my life and it has been quite an adjustment. Apartments are smaller than houses and that can be a strong point depending on your style of living and if you figure out how to maximize the space you have. The size will also make it much simpler to keep clean, and most places will even add in cleaning services if you’re lucky. Security is definitely better in an apartment as well, usually you’ll have a single entrance with some sort of security and the amount of people living in the building can also help as a deterrent for thieves. And finally, apartments tend to be positioned in areas with more urban development around, which means you’ll have everything you need close by.

Do you think homes will look different in the future?

I think with the advances that technology has made in the last 20 years, we’ll see even more tech brought into homes than we currently have. Whether it be for comfort, entertainment or utility, it seems inevitable as spaces become smaller and everything seems a bit more cramped. I would also hope to see homes become more environmentally aware through recycling, using sustainable materials and using renewable energy sources. And who knows, maybe we’ll even be living underwater or underground, everything is possible in the future.

Do you agree that the kinds of homes people prefer change as they get older?

I think preferences give way to necessity as people age. A little shoebox of an apartment is fine when you’re a 20-year-old student who doesn’t do more than sleep at home, but as you grow older, get married, have kids, what you prefer is suddenly overruled by what you need. You have a choice then, you either adapt on your own terms or find yourself being forced to adapt. I think that’s what causes the change in preferences, a change in situation.

Useful Expressions

– (to) hold onto níu kéo, nắm giữ

– thrifty (adj) tiết kiệm

– primary (adj) chính, chủ yếu

– (to) get the job done làm xong việc

– deterrent (n) thứ làm nản lòng, ngăn chặn

– (to) give way to sth nhường chỗ cho

– overrule (v) gạt bỏ, thắng thế

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